Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2.11.2009 start work at Lady Map

wash face..for dry skin
Haha F cup..big big o^^
Slim gel

i reli so like work at s.wang lady map.. reli so many product i like it..And my dear sally aslo together work wif me.. haha so happuy lo..after i take my salary i wan buy many many product..

No work ^^ go FITNESS

No work need some rest...
so i ,sally & phoebe go to lowyat the fitness to relax
reli so nice...^^

My big day..19 year old^^

Thank u all

monkey face^^funny

Thank dear
All my dear dear

Morning around 1 a.m karchun fetch me,sally ,emiko,&kelly go kuchai lama yam cha.. around 4am karchun need go work..so he not free..then cal ah loon fetch we all go s.wang ah loon know is my birthday he take we go eat sushi king he know i love to eat..thank ah loon.. i reli so happy..after we eat i & sally they go take same picture..hehe we reli so funny..we aslo don no wan put wat pos take picture..Around 8am my dear come fetch we go celebrate at sentul.. all my bebe & dear they aslo got celebrate for me..thank u all&love u all..muackz...reli so happy

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1year Anniversary..1.9.2009Eunice&Seng

happy birthday to dear2009

Happy day

we going shopping
chinese new year on the way to dear home town

chinese new year
marry christmass
My birthday^^ on 2008
When i first day c u i aready fall in love wif u...
1/9/2008i so remember the day u fetch me go eat dinner...the day was
raining so cold...u ask me wan a ur jacket i say no need then u stil gif me wear it..
then u say u is 100% a good bf if we together u wil gif me a good life..
i reli so happy u the day tel me all the thing how u wil love me & care me...
Then we start we love on the day...
On this 1year we got many thing happen?? Sad happy angry cry.....watever we stil together &love each
Dear i reli hope u can gif me more freedom...don a bit thing angry of me..
i wil do my best be a good gf...
Dear i love u forever..so happy we can together...Muackzzzzz^^

31/8/2009 sunway lagoon


HAPPY Merdeka!!!
morning i n my dear friend they all go eat breakfast then
we go sunway lagoon play water & swim...
we total got3 couple and 1 single...
hehehe ...so happy can go play water wif my dear..
See my picture...^^we so enjoy the day....